Cookie Policy


With reference to the simplified procedures regarding the conditions and the acquisition of consent to use cookies – (web doc. no. 3118884 8th May 2014 – Published in the Official Gazette, no. 126 of 3rd June 2014), the interested party is here nonetheless informed in advance regarding the use of technical cookies for which, as regards this site, the previous consent of users is not required, because they are functional for carrying out the service of navigation, whereas the Company is obliged to provide the interested party with the due information (in pursuance of Section 13 of the Code) for other types of cookies.


Cookies are small text files that sites being visited send to the terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone or notebook) of the user, where they are memorized, to be then retransmitted to the same sites on the user’s next visit. They are used for carrying out IT authentications, monitoring of sessions and memorization of information on the sites (without the use of “technical” cookies certain operations would be very complex or indeed impossible to carry out). PersonaI data can be memorized (but then also cancelled by the internet user) in the “Cookies” folder, if you have given your consent or this is technically necessary, for example to allow a protected access online (in cases of online product purchases or an IT authorization is necessary). If you navigate on our website you therefore consent to the use and memorization of the cookies on your device. However, it is also possible to consult our Internet site without approving the implementation of technical cookies (inasmuch as they do not have the objective of profiling tastes and habits). As far as we are concerned, during ordinary web navigation, only the cookie memorized on your device is identified.


These cookies are strictly necessary for the navigation experience and however allow for:

the navigation and use of the website, and the gathering of information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site (“cookie analytics”);

navigation according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, the products selected for comparison and possible ordinary purchase) in order to improve the service offered to the user.


These cookies are installed indirectly by BOTTER S.P.A. (even though they may originate from various sources) and, since they are not used for ulterior motives compared to the functional ones described above, their installation calls for, apart from consent, also a full list of conditions, adherence to which is the responsibility of the third-party suppliers (usually Internet browsers operated by the major producers).


Procedures for disabling cookies: The majority of Internet browsers are initially set up to accept cookies automatically. The user can however modify these settings to block cookies or to advise when cookies are being sent to the device by users themselves. There are various ways in which to deal with cookies. Users can refer to the instruction manual or to the Help Screen of their browsers to discover how to regulate or change the settings of their particular browser. In the case of different devices (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), the user will have to ensure that each browser on every device is regulated to reflect his or her preferences with regard to cookies.


Third-party cookies

These cookies are installed by subjects other than BOTTER S.P.A. and their installation requires your consent; without it, they will not be installed.


We therefore list below the links to the privacy policies of the third parties where you can express your consent to the installation of these cookies, underlining the fact that, should you not indicate any choice and decide to proceed nonetheless with navigating within the website in question, you will be giving your consent to such cookies.











You may however set your browser so as to refuse automatically the reception of cookies, by activating the appropriate option: however, the failure to accept the use of technical cookies may lead to difficulties in interacting with this site.